THE PAINTING JOURNAL invites you to become an active creator in your life, exploring new possibilities in perception, and growing daily toward the self-empowering and self-affirming being you were intended to be.

You will begin the journey of capturing daily events that often pass by without reflection. Revisiting the journal and seeing with fresh eyes the ordinary made extraordinary in your own life, deepens your appreciation for yourself as you are. In The Painting Journal course you will be guided in tracking and interpreting dreams, clarifying family and love relationships, expressing feelings, releasing toxic patterns and learning to embrace the tigers in your life. Working spontaneously with color allows a wide range of expression, and often humor is the hallmark of such a journal. The Painting Journal course is for those who seek an imaginative, colorful, surprise filled vehicle for transformation, and who enjoy laughing and lightheartedness. No drawing or painting experience needed. Only wonder...



Julie Russell

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1033 18th Ave. S.
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Painting Journal Class @ Gildas Club



“Images for healing. Visions for living. An invaluable personal and professional tool.” Patricia Harris M.S.W. “This class took me down roads I never knew I dreamed of, in an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth and inclusion. Julie is a spiritual and rooted magician.”

—Maureen Organ R.N.

“Thanks for the chance to spend a day in self-discovery using our own artist within. Your painting journal is rich and filled with your own deep experience. You have lived what you teach, and the silence and patience gave us all a chance to be mutual explorers.”

—Miriam Bassuk M.S.W.

“My paintings were sometimes brilliant, sometimes awful, and occasionally I had trouble putting anything on the paper. But it really doesn’t matter. Part of the beauty is, you can’t fail in this class. The sessions were more difficult, more challenging, more rewarding, and far more therapeutic and important than I had anticipated.”

—Andy Arrow
Computer Graphics! Entertainer

“The painting journal course offers an opportunity to explore heartfelt issues in a creative and supportive context. It was great to have an opportunity to listen and express my inner thoughts and feelings. Julie’s gentle guidance allows space for special moments to happen.”

—Sara Smith
Community Relations Specialist
Oasis House

“Every week I looked forward to our class. There was always an atmosphere of trust and honesty established over and over again. I felt so very much a part of this group and always a very important and special part. Thanks Julie.”

—Sue Kinder

“I have worked with Julie as a healer and teacher in a variety of capacities. Julie is a patient, supportive and caring professional. She makes the sometimes frightening task of self-discovery through creativity an exciting personal adventure for those fortunate enough to work with her. She brings her own creative experience to the task of helping others discover themselves in their imagination. I highly recommend Julie to those ready to expand their consciousness through artistic self-expression.”

—David W. McMillan PhD
Park West Weight Management

I am excited about THE PAINTING JOURNAL which I began for myself in 1988, and continue daily to the present. It has allowed me to touch and illumine places within. It has helped me affirm and strengthen that which is carrying me into the creative and vital journey which I desire for my life. It has brought me to tears, and even more to laughter. The act of painting daily keeps me rooted in the present.

I hope you will consider THE PAINTING JOURNAL a creative dimension and stimulating addition to your present program. Please contact me for further information concerning workshops, one or two day intensives, and fees. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Most Sincerely,
Julie Russell
(615) 498-4090