Begin with hands in Namaste.
Open them, releasing the intent held in the hands.
Cross them to rest over the heart in protection.
Turn palms to face each other,
hands still joined at the wrist,
fingertips touching, as if enclosing the heart.
Slowly open palms out and down.
Separate and uncross wrists,
moving arms down and out side, palms up,
elbows bent, hands at shoulder height.
Extend hands out in a large circle
as if the palms are mirrors reflecting the world.
Turn palms to face you,
draw back the reflections into the heart,
hands side by side.
When they reach the heart, cross at wrists, rest on chest.
Tilt hands out and down,
one palm on top of the other and uncross,
returning to Namaste.

from Cielle Tewksbury


  1. Sumukham mudras 1 With hands in front of chest, close to the heart, join fingertips of both hands. The nails of the fingers face outward and the thumbnails face inward.

  2. Samputam mudras 2 Keep fingertips joined, straighten fingers and bring heels of hands together leaving space between the palms.

  3. Vititam mudras 3 Separate the hands slightly, palms facing each other. Do not spread fingers apart.

  4. Vistritam mudras 4 Separate hands to about twelve inches apart, palms facing, with fingers of each hand still together.

  5. Dvimukham mudras 5 Spread fingers slightly and bring hands close enough to each other to join tips of little and ring fingers.

  6. Trimukham mudras 9 Join middle fingers.

  7. Chaturmukham mudras 7 Join index fingers also.

  8. Panchmukham mudras 8 Join thumbs. Now all fingertips are joined with fingers spread apart.

  9. Shanmukham mudras 9 Separate little fingers and spread them apart.

  10. Adhomukham mudras 10 Close fingers and invert hands so that backs of fingers touch, pointing straight down. Thumbs are separated.

  11. Vyapakanjalikam mudras 11 Roll fingers in toward body and, keeping sides of little fingers together, expose palms upward.

  12. Mahakrantam mudras 12 Keeping hands beside shoulders, turn palms so they face backward.

  13. Simhakrantam mudras 13 Open hands and place them beside shoulders with palms facing forward.

  14. Mudgaram mudras 14 Bring left palm down to support right elbow, and make a fist with the right hand. Right forearm is vertical.

  15. Pallavam mudras 15 Bring left hand down to rest on left knee, palm upward. Open the right hand and spread fingers. With palm facing outward, bring right hand in front of the face and move just the fingers to imitate a leaf trembling.