Yoga to me is the patience, the pause, the unhurried reality of meeting myself, getting to know the depths at which I may discover. It is private and personal and honest. “Pure” lacks the descriptive resonance to adequately relate the connection of mind and body. Walking the path of mind to body, or many times body to mind, allows a unique quiet calm. Once the two are properly balanced, the idea of ‘being one with’ is momentarily attained.

Perhaps I have over-thought your question...maybe so. However, the sense of satisfaction I feel through my being is one which is solely personal and limitless. It is very hard to describe. I think that yoga is an honesty which for me is eye-opening; an honesty of one’s self as one looks both inward and outward, finding the peace in the mind-body union. I could write all day about this...

Thank you for being you,

Dean Vetter