Journeying Toward Wholeness

March 2018

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

As there were three new men experiencing yoga for the first time in the class at RMSI three weeks ago, I asked if someone would tell them what Yoga was about. Thinking that one of the old timers would carry that off, I was completely surprised when a twenty-something African-American man who had done only two classes, turned his head to the new men and with gusto said, “ we've been coming here for just a couple of weeks...we're from unit 5 and we just heard there was a yoga class, and you breathe, and move...doing some hard moves, and then you're peaceful, and we're coming back on Wednesdays..” How refreshing! (The class has consisted of men from Unit 6, and only recently has the word gotten out to unit 5.)


A mostly serious, intelligent, non-athletic three year member of the RMSI class, who is careful not to shake hands because of 'germs', has been a wonderful member of the class, and often smiles and jokes now, though will often hold back on the more intense poses. After finishing the “Hero Series” for a second time because they liked it so much, I asked if anyone would like to lead it. I was amazed that he lifted his hand, and we switched places on our mats so he could lead. I felt wonderful following his lead, and could not help but smile as he led the class through the series in his “own” way. Humor abounds in the class, and the total relaxation at the end is a gift to all. The yoga class ended this week with an “Esalen Body Tap” known in the classes in Nashville as the “Birthday Tap” for a dear being, “Andreas” a long time yogi who is heading back to Mexico. The men were a somewhat timid with “Fluffing up the aura”, and Andreas flinched a little, but all seemed ok with this new 'happening'. Andreas kept a big smile on his face afterward, and expressed his thankfulness for the class he had attended for so long. He will look for yoga in Mexico.


Tony Vick who was a member of the RMSI Yoga class for several years, and now in prison in Clifton TN, has written a book with Michael T. McRay, with the help of Cindy Ford.

Secrets From A Prison Cell...A convict's eyewitness accounts of the dehumanizing drama of life behind bars. The book is at Amazon, but you might also try a book company that collects old and new books for sale, and gives profits to non-profit organizations. Check out:


Yoga Classes



9:30-10:55 Beginner Yoga @ Friends Meeting House

11:00-12:30 Intermediate Yoga @Friends Meeting House

6:00-7:30 Blended Yoga Class @ Friends Meeting House



2:15-3:45 RMSI Yoga Class



10:15-11:30 Beginner Yoga at “50 Forward” in Brentwood


T'ai Chi Classes


Tuesdays (7:15 at Fido's) 8:00-9:00 Brentwood Methodist Church

Thursdays 9:00-10:00 @ “50 Forward” in Brentwood


To concentrate on the present is to trust in the future and in

your own power. As a present-minded t'ai chi student, you trust

that in the next second you will make the proper movement. You

don't have to think about it first. You don't have to check up on

yourself. The next second, you inner power will be there to do the

right thing, just as it is there this second. The inner intelligence,

which we call Body-Mind, does not need the thinking mind

to tell it how to do the form. It simply acts.

And it acts to create harmony within you and between you

and your environment.

The form serves as practice for you to learn

to trust your Body Mind.”

Movements of Magic, The Spirit of T'ai Chi Chuan: Bob Klein



Breema Treatments are available Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Please call (615-498-4090) to reserve appointment time.


Taste of Breema w/ Katherine Correa is happening Saturday March 17th 2:30-5:30 @ Ha.le, 2200 21st Ave. S. 37212. Early Bird till March 7th, $45, after $60. Contact Katherine at 615-415-0242


Annual Nashville Breema Weekend is May 5-6...Saturday 12:00-6:30, Sunday 9:30-5:00 at Ha.Le (See above for address). Katherine Correa and Susan Mankowski are co-leading the workshop. Early bird special $175, after $200. Contact Katherine at


Special Spring Sadhana Class with Amy Barnes at Pura Prema in Kingston Springs Sunday March 18th 10-12:30.

Gentle yoga and movement

Inquiry practice with breath focus

Bhakti Kirtan

Creative process

Tantric meditations


$30 by March 15th and $35 after. Please contact Amy at


Circle Dancing is happening this Friday March 2nd and the third Friday, March16th. Feel free to get a bite at Calypso at 6pm before the dancing begins at 7-9:00pm. Dancing takes place at Friends Meeting House, 503 26thAve. N, 37209. All are welcome!


In a well-loved Greek/American dance,

Misirlou, there is a point forward with the

left foot with a slight bow of the head. The

inclination of the head emphasises the

meaning of the toe point-

the touching of the dancer's spirit

into the earth through the toes,

and an implicit reverence

for the earth

and a commitment

to honor and care for her.”

~ June Watts


Tanya Kell will begin teaching her Homeopathy classes beginning August 11th. For those interested in learning more about Homeopathy, please contact her website.


Adyashanti will be teaching through a DVD at Green Hills Library this Sunday March 4th, 2:30-4:30 in the large room. All are welcome!


Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell TN is offering a free silent meditation retreat weekend, “Becoming Receptive To Grace” March 2-4 with Don and Patty. The only requirement is to bring food for one meal. Contact Don:


Nashville Jung Circle presents Dr. James Hollis Phd Friday April 13th at Blakemore Methodist Church. Reception 6:30, talk at 7pm. “Living more fully in the shadow of mortality”. Saturday April 14th he will do a workshop 8:30 -12:30 on his book, Living an Examined Life: wisdom for the second half of Life.


Serenity Salt Cave (Himalayan Salt Therapy) is available in Nolensville TN.

To learn more go to: ...615-776-2522


Spring Bird Class, April 10-May 15 is being offered by birder Richard Connors at Radnor Lake. The class is Tuesdays 10-012 noon, and there is an early bird walk at 7:30 am. Contact Richard at 615-832-0521 or mobile615-330-7142*

Spring is truly on its way if we don't float away before the all the buds come out!

Wishing you all easy breathing and a sense of peace as the earth around us magically blooms in color and the massive green of Tennessee again appears.





Relaxing in the Hammock


A friend gave me a black, long-sleeve, T-shirt that

showed The Lion King's Rafiki in meditation pose.

It included Rafiki's holy mantra -


Let that Shit Go...


I love that shirt. It's the essence of meditation:

Sit down, shut up, and simply


Let That Shit Go...


All the stories your mind spins about who you are.

And what other people might think of you,

and all the exhausting image maintenance, just-


Let That Shit Go...


All the bullshit your mind has cooked up

about what life is, or what the world is,

or even, what meditation is, just

  Let That Shit go... 

The ego will never let that shit go. It just can't.

The body, however has mastered letting go.

Our bodies let go thirty thousand times a day!

  It's called, simply, the out-breath.

  So just return to awareness of your body,

to feeling your breath, coming in

and going out, then just - 

Let That Shit Go...

And relax, just relax, in the hammock of the Heart. 

~ Joe Zarantonello

  (Joe's comment on the poem: The ego-mind is a bullshit machine; the Heart, a Hammock filled with truth and peace.

Where do you want to spend the rest of this fleeting, precious life?)

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