Journeying Toward Wholeness

September 2018

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

“Lighten Up Your Soul ll” Courageous Traveling to Self, with Julie Russell and Linda Mills will be happening Sunday November 4th at Studio Mills, 406 N Main St. Kingston Springs TN. Just Be You in exploring Breathing, Yoga, T'ai Chi, The Painting Journal, and simple steps to inspire and practice meditation. Stay tuned for more information including early bird specials, ways to take only specific classes during the day, and more! Contacts: Linda:  615-952-4864, Julie: 615-498-4090.

During the summer the yoga classes in Nashville and Brentwood have been giving some focus to walking well. Esther Gokhale, who I worked with briefly, developed back pain in college and  had surgery for the condition.. When the pain re-emerged, surgery again was suggested. Instead she decided to find her own path. She learned about L'Institut in Paris, where Noelle Perez teaches anthropologically-based posture modification technique. Her theory is that is that  we in industrialized  countries don't use our bodies well, that this misuse can cause pain and damage, and that we have much to learn from people in traditional cultures. 

     From visiting and filming folks in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, she incorporated teaching from other disciplines, creating the Gokhale  (Go-clay) Method.

     We are learning that Walking should be a series of controlled forward propulsions, allowing the buttocks to do the work, and relaxing hip and knee joints allowing the leg to swing forward. Our overall sensation should be, gliding forward through space! Wow! Where did that knee pain go?
The RMSI  Yoga class continues Wednesday afternoons, and is bringing more new men to the class. The age range varies between 21 and mid 60's. A rather small and energetic young African American man has come for two weeks. I leaned over to ask him his age last week. “I'm 21…how old you?”  “81.” “I didn't think people your age moved around like that.” That was an opener to talking about Yoga!

The yoga classes in Nashville and Brentwood have responded positively to sending books through Amazon  or elsewhere to the men in the class who have asked for them. One man has received several books in this way which have helped him so much in his studies in college. He came up to me after the class to thank the two women for sending the special books, and wanted them to know he passed his courses with a 4.0. He expressed deep gratitude for those who helped him, and also thought enough of him and others in the class to respond with such generosity. He said, “That is love.”

Yoga Classes
9:30-10:55am Beginner Yoga @Friends Meeting House
11:00-12:30pm Intermediate Yoga  Friends Meeting House
6:00-7:30pm @ Friends Meeting House

2:15-3:45 RMSI Yoga Class
10:15-11:30am Beginner Yoga at The Martin Center: Brentwood
T'ai Chi Classes
Tuesdays (7:15 at Fidos ) 8:00-9:00 @ Dragon Park
Thursdays 9:00-10:00 @ The Martin Center: Brentwood

Breema Treatments are available Mondays, Tuesday afternoons and Fridays. Please call 615-498-4090 to make an appointment. 

Katherine Correa, Nashville's Breema Instructor will be offering a full day of Hands-on Breema experience, “Breema: Receptivity & Presence” Saturday

September 30th @ Ha'le on 21st Ave. S. 6hrs, CE credit w/ $10 is available.  Contact:
Linda Mills will be leading the “4th Annual Yoga Retreat” in Kingston Springs September 28-30! Yoga Classes - Fun and healing activities - meals and lodging provided - reflexology, massage, reiki available by appointment.
Circle Dancing will take place Friday September 7th and 21st 7-9pm at Friends Meeting House, 503 26th Avenue S. Several folks meet at calypso at 6:00 to get a bite before dancing at 7:00. All are welcome!

Amy Barnes is offering her “12th Annual Bhakti Yoga Retreat” @ Gray Bear Retreat Center in Hohenwald TN. Contact: 
Minton Sparks offers a writing weekend “Create your own story” @ Scarritt-Bennett November 2-4. 
Well Being retreat Center in Tazewell TN offers a free meditation weekend with Don Oakley, September 7-9. One is asked to bring food for one meal, and now $40 for housekeeping fee. Contact:
Many folks have been traveling to interesting places this summer, and I just received an email from Margaret Howell who comes to Yoga class in her 70's with some health issues, and shared from Iceland that she and her husband Bill DID the 26 mile bike ride, which she had been practicing for, and also rode an Icelandic horse! Bravo Margaret! She said, “ I have been very grateful for the strength I have, coming from yoga, etc! Grazie!
Love to all!
        For A Time
Come with me into this space
for a time, at least
Let's forget all other moments

for a time at least.

Breathe with me, let's improve the energy
let go of assumptions, fears, regrets

We are alive!
for a time at least
This is our space to dwell

for a time at least
The change is within us, just us, only us
we cannot change anything else

We are alive!
for a time at least
     ~ Tony Vick
Copyright ©2018 Julie Russell