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May 2019

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!


Mack Cole has been showing up at the gym a little before the Yoga class starts at RMSI and assisting in getting word down to the two units that Yoga is happening.. It can be a little “iffy” some days in getting the word out. His continued steadiness is support to me and has helped gel the class. He shared last week that the two other men up for parole on his date are heading out very soon. The overall atmosphere has a new lift, and we are all feeling it.

Two new men have shown up in the past two weeks. One seemed quite overactive with constant body moves. He jet-propelled through the first half of the class, then quickly pulled shoes on mid standing poses, and silently skedaddled away. The other, more silent, moved through all the newness, and has returned with a smile. Life is happening, and timing is everything!


Thank you to those who signed up to do a Yoga class with the men at RMSI. Hopefully we will again have yoga visitors joining the men in the class on a Wednesday. Yoga, like music, has its own way of connecting we humans that brings us into the the fullness of our being. From there, gratitude grows! The Yoga class is looking forward to this happening!


“MEDITATION in EVERYDAY LIFE”. A day of inspiration for you Presented by Julie Russell and Linda Mills

Sunday May 19th 9-4pm @ Studio Mills, 406 N. Main St. Kingston Springs, TN


Potluck Lunch


The Painting Journal

T'ai Chi at Burns Park

Simple Dance


Contact: Julie @ 615-498-4090.

Contact: Linda 615-400-7816,


2019 World Taichi @ QiGong Day took place in Dragon Park last Saturday along with two large events in Nashville. The weather was outstanding, and Jen-Jen graciously created the annual gathering of T'ai Chi teachers who offered various Chi Gongs and forms for folks to watch and try out! She is an inspiration to us all with her continued work with Chinese Arts Alliance, and pure flow in her own T'ai Chi form. Thank you to Maureen and John, Barbara and Cathy, Susan and Andrew for showing up and participating! We could feel the vibes from Bill Northrup who would have been there, but is in healing mode for his hip!




9:30-10:55 am Beginner Yoga @ Friends Meeting house

11:00-12:30pm Intermediate Yoga @ Friends Meeting House

6:00-7:30pm Intermediate Yoga @ Friends Meeting House



2:15-3:45pm RMSI Yoga Class



10:15-11:30am @ 50 Forward Brentwood



8-9am @ Dragon Park…meet @ Fidos at 7:15 before class



9:00-10:00am @ 50 Forward Brentwood


Breema Treatments are available Mondays, Tuesday afternoons and Fridays. Please call to set up your appointment. 615-498-4090 If these times are not available for you, please let me know to make a special arrangement. After a Breema treatment, the body informs me of who I am, and much has fallen away!


Circle Dancing is happening this evening at Friends Meeting House at 7-9pm, 503 26th Ave. N. All are welcome! Several folks get a bite to eat at Calypso on Charlotte Ave. around 5:45pm, and then go over to dance. New folks have been coming as this is now on “Meet Up”, and we hope this keeps up! New folks are welcome and add greatly to all of us!


Adyashanti teaches through a DVD shown free at The Green Hills Library the following dates. The showing is 2:30-4:30 on the following Sundays. All are welcome! Dates are below.


Sunday May 5th

June 9th

August 4th

September 15th


Mukti, a non-dual spiritual teacher who is partnered with Adyashanti, will be leading a Silent Retreat at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell TN May 12-18. To find out more about this retreat please contact Patty @ or 423-626-9000


Spring Tennessee Crafts Fair is happening now at Centennial Park in Nashville. May 3-5 10-6pm


“Ashes To Snow” new works by artist Jane Braddock opens Saturday May 4th, 6-9pm at Tinney Contemporary 237 5th Ave. North Nashville . This is also the night of the Art Crawl.

Amidst the cranes (The ones that do not fly) overhead and the increasing traffic is a fabulous blooming of flowers, shrubs, and trees bringing great beauty to Nashville. The roses have outdone themselves this year! Many you pause to truly enjoy this very special time!





“ But the truth is that meditation does not eradicate mental and emotional turmoil. Rather, it cultivates the space and gentleness that allow us intimacy with our experiences so that we can relate quite differently to our cascade of emotions and thoughts. That different relationship is where freedom lies.”


~Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection

Sharon Salzberg



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