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Jan 2019

Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!



Greetings Yoga and T'ai Chi Students and Lovers of Breema and The Painting Journal!


Communication at RMSI (Riverbend) has gotten better in the last few weeks concerning the Yoga Class. Danny Williams, an employee in charge of the gym has made a special effort to let the guys in Units 5 and 6 know that Yoga will be happening at 2:15 on that Wednesday. Whatever he is doing is working, as we had classes through the Holiday season, and last week, the largest one yet. It still amazes me to see the willingness newcomers exude when embarking on some of the poses, as some are overweight, and others not used to stretching out the body. During an actual series of yoga poses there is almost no commenting or even a groan or a laugh. At the end of a series the men actually let go and there are smiles and laughter all around. Except for the on and off humming of the A/C, a huge unit, the Savasana is as silent and undisturbed as any I have experienced. The practice of Yoga is an ongoing gift we give ourselves, and sharing it with these men has been a privilege and an opportunity to feel deeply that we are ALL connected.


Restorative Yoga will take place the week of January 21st. The 21st is the Full Wolf Moon andMartin Luther King Day! Do bring a bolster, if you have one.


Yoga Classes



9:30-10:55am Beginner Yoga @ Friends Meeting House

11:00-12:30pm Intermediate Yoga @ Friends Meeting House

6:00-7:30pm Blended Class @ Friends Meeting House



2:15-3:45 RMSI Yoga Class



10:15-11:30am @ 50 Forward, Brentwood



T'ai Chi Classes




(7:15 am @ Fidos) 8:00-9:00 @Dragon Park or Belmont Methodist. Call 615-498-4090 for location during winter weather)



9:00-10:00am @50 Forward, Brentwood


In Chinese Healing Arts this is the season of WATER!


Water on an emotional level

governs inner strength. It is

the source of such strength

as it is the source of

creativity—existing beneath

our conscious awareness

as a wellspring from

which we draw.

Water's power is not about

action, or even preparation

for action, but the power

of potential action that we

hold within. On a daily

level, Water energy governs

our awareness of our

internal resources. It gives

us the knowledge that we

will be able to handle

whatever life brings.

Water grants us equanimity,

and the confidence that comes

with knowing

we have what we need.”


~ Wood becomes Water: Chinese Medicine In Everyday Life, Gail Reichstein




During the first week of January, (Breema Week), Breema Practitioners are encouraged to shareBreema in the community in some way. I am offering a Breema Session for two recipients. If you have experienced a Breema treatment and know the beneficial effects it brings, bring a friend who has not, and each receive a half session free. The first to call (615-498-4090) will receive the sessions at their convenience!

I am available for Breema Treatments Mondays, Tuesday afternoons, and Fridays. Please call to make an appointment (605-498-4090)


Katherine Correa has just announced the Annual Spring Breema Retreat! The dates areMarch 16th and 17th at The Farm in Summertown TN.

More information in the February Update.


Circle Dancing continues this month Friday January 18th 7-9pm at Friends Meeting House, 503 26th Ave. N. You are welcome to join several dancers at Calypso Cafe on Charlotte Ave. @ 5:30, and head over to dance at 7:00. All Welcome!


Nashville Jung Circle offers two events in January at The Green Hills Library 2:30-4:30.

1.      Imaginal: Dying and Rising in Story and Song” Sheri Kling, Ph.D is Sunday


2.      Map of the Soul by Murray Stein book discussion, Part 2 led by Dan Taylor is January 27 All are welcome!


Well Being Retreat Center offers a weekend Retreat in Tazewell TN January 25-27:

Love and Consciousness”. $40 housekeeping fee plus a meal. Contact Don at:


Don Oakley from Well Being Retreat Center is speaking at The Ivy House – 6385 Ivy St., Nashville, 37209 on “Life Beyond Concepts” 6:30-8:30 on Three evenings.

January 22

February 25

March 11

($10 donation to Ivy House suggested)

This series of talks will explore the territory which lies beyond our conceptualizing mind and, eventually beyond the “seeking self.” The focus will be practical, experiential and non-denominational; it will not be philosophical or dogmatic. It will include extemporaneous talks, short guided meditations and inquiry into our essential true Nature. That which lies beyond our thinking mind will be revealed as being already present, complete and whole – only patiently awaiting our recognition of it and our appreciation of its unfathomable depth.”


Don Oakley studied intensively with Eckart Tolle and Adyashanti. Don's 50 year journey has explored many of life's apparent avenues for happiness: sports, world travel, ashram living, hippiedom, relationships, professional respect, adventure, creativity, children, wealth, etc. When outward seeking finally ceased to motivate, the “ coming home” phase of spirituality began in earnest. Short segments of Don's talks can be found at


Clearing The Way Home: Organizing for home and life welcomes you to a new year with less clutter in your home and in your mind. Susan Gardner offers the following:

Decluttering Jenga at Hermitage Library

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tuesday, January 26, 2019


Paper Management Workshop

Saturday Feb. 2


Dammed Clutter Retreat

Saturday Feb 9


Couples in Clutter Workshop

Sunday Feb 10

Read the entire Clearing the way Home January/February 2019 Newsletter for more inspiration and information about lessening clutter.



Wishing you all this wonderful Water wisdom in this unusual time of history in the making. Keep returning to the breath as it extends into that little buddha belly, reminding us of what's important. It's a good time to be alive! Happy 2019!






The Heart


Such a fragile thing this human heart.

Its sheath so like the wings of butterflies

its dusting, once damaged, cannot catch the wind.


Let us cradle it always with a gentle hand

and cherish each pulsing.

May I listen closely to its simple song.

Its bell-like melody speaks in a language

far beyond the need for words

and asks that I bend low

and bow my head

to hear the truth it softly sings.


~ Cielle Tewksbury




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